[PD] comb~, allpass~, and rand~: src and pd_linux

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Tue Apr 16 15:34:29 CEST 2002

hi all,

ROry's page is unavailable from my site :(maybe my page will be
available from his?).  Anyway, since I have done basic testing,
I thought I would put my comb stuff, and also rand~ (useful in
chorusing, and for other purposes too) at

The advantages over patching the filters with vd~ are:  delay
time can be less than a blocksize; msp compatibility; slightly
faster processing.

The two main disadvantages are:  ``cheezy linear interpolation''
(these words are from cycling's help patch) instead of 4-point
interpolation used in vd~; using externs instead of builtins.

The filters were coded from scratch, while `rand~' is just
a compilation of Miller's phasor~ and noise~ code.  I have not
used `LFO_noise~' from iemlib, for the same reason I have not
used comb~ from pd-lib:  it cannot be modulated.

Speaking of iemlib:  there is also `speedlim' in it, which works
exactly like the one in max.  Thus, with `match' being part of
pd-lib, two of Olaf's maxlib classes had been already available.
I think this is yet another proof there is a need to somehow
revive pd-lib project.

For my part, collecting and testing max/msp compatibility stuff
is certainly on a todo list.  But only in the long run -- now
I would rather spend my spare time on the all too long delayed
release of the vexing library.


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