[PD] Call for Unified Libraries & Debian Packages

Andrew (Andy) W. Schmeder andy at eh2o.ws
Wed Apr 17 09:33:49 CEST 2002

> The Demudi folks already have! I have a debian package here called "pd-externals"
> and put together by Guenter Geiger, which includes a whole lot of
> externals: ggee, ext13, zexy, plugin~, ann,... But probably not in the
> newest versions, and that would be a problem for any packager:

Yeah.. I know... I've got those .debs. The problem is that they are very
out of date (pd 0.33)... also there is no pd-dev package w/ appropriate
headers... its just not enough to maintain a decent pd install purely
within the confines of the apt- system.

Furthermore pd-externals contains a whole slew of different libraries,
which is bad from the maintenance point of view, IMHO.

A good example is the xmms packages.  There is no 'xmms-plugins'
package, rather each plugin has its own package.  Very clean that way...
instead of pd-externals we should have pd-zexy, pd-ggee, pd-gem,
pd-iemlib, etc.  Of course not everything will be packaged nicely but
the major libs could be.

Maybe when I've got time I'll stop advocating and start packaging ...
but not now. ;)

> think all externals are announced here. So maybe if we could agree on
> a new tag in the subject line instead of [announce] for external
> announcements like [EXTERNAL], one could automatically create a list
> of new externals from the mailing list archives.

Now that is a great idea!


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