AW: [PD]A Unified windows Library.

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at
Wed Apr 17 11:23:27 CEST 2002

hi Thomas,

yes, I/we do want namespaces in Pd!

For the time being a very simple solution (or, rather, a workaround)
for linking class names to library they are in, would be to `hyphenate'
them.  By that I mean:

1. using hyphenated class names (xeq-follow, instead of xeq_follow);

2. changing sys_load_lib() routine so that if passed a classname with
a hyphen, it uses only prefix name in its attempt to load a library --
which is just a few very simple lines of code, and would not break
anything of what we have now.


Thomas Grill wrote:
 > has there ever been an attempt to introduce namespaces or a convention how
 > to name externals that belong to a library? Do we/you want such a
 > convention?

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