[PD] dynamic send revisited

Bryan Jurish moocow at ling.uni-potsdam.de
Wed Apr 17 23:15:02 CEST 2002

greetings all,

i've burst in on a conversation or two already on this list,
but this is my first more or less well-considered posting --
i have two questions, at the moment, which hopefully someone
on this list can help me with:

1) is there any way to get a (dynamic)
   message evaluated as if it were preceded by a ";", i.e. sent
   to the "receive" object named by its initial element?

   i'm trying to use "textfile" to produce better human-readable
   and less network-intensive preset files than the ones i
   get using the "state" object (which is itself incredibly
   handy, just not what i want right now...)

2) is there a way to use the 'pd-NAME' quasi-"send" selector
   to get pd instructions evaluated with respect to the
   current window (canvas?) without including the literal
   window title (canvas name?) in the message?  are the
   'pd-NAME' messages documented anywhere?

apologies if these questions have been dealt with before on
this list -- i've looked through my own archives and found
several related discussions, but the links named (i recall
'test.pilot.fm') don't seem to resolve any more...

aside from all of the above, pd is wonderful: major kudos to
Miller and all writers of externals and providers of patches:
i was actually able to port my favorite algorithmic
improvisation toy from cm in a single day... whee-hee!


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