[PD] Pure-data.org

David Sabine dave at davesabine.com
Thu Apr 18 08:37:27 CEST 2002


Kudos to the new design of pure-data.org!  It looks like a much more
powerful website than the previous version.

I have a problem however, and I hope that the webmaster of pure-data.org is
a subscriber of this list.  (I tried to find an email link or submission
form on pure-data.org so that I could ask this question but I could not -
hence, I'm using this list to ask instead.)

I tried to register as a new member of pure-data.org so that I could
participate in the surveys and other fun stuff.  However, when I registered
I was not provided with a text box wherein I could place my email address.
As a result, the page warned me that there was a "problem" with the email
address that I had entered.

Then, to find an alternate method of entering my email address, I tried to
login.  I was assuming that there would be ways of managing my 'account'
once I had logged in.  However, my username and email address was not valid.
Perhaps I'm impatient and need to wait until either my account is
authorized, or until the database is updated (if it's not real-time).

In either case, I'm left with one problem and one suggestion:

1.  How can I activate my account on pure-data.org?

1.  If the registration process requires a valid email address, then there
needs to be a text field on the registration form for that information.

Many thanks.
and sorry for using this list for non-PD messaging.

Dave Sabine

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