[PD] GEM questions

Dupras, Martin Martin.Dupras at uwe.ac.uk
Thu Apr 18 15:56:42 CEST 2002


I am still getting to grips with GEM (which I find 
extremely cool and inspiring) and I have a few questions, 
that I didn't seem to be able to find answers to from the 

1) am I correct in undestanding that the behaviour of, for 
instance, the pixDataSimple example patch, where a new 
object is created on every bang to the gemhead, is made 
possible by 'buffer 1' sent to gemwin? If so, how does one 
combine say pixDataSimple and RedSquare in the same gemwin? 
Or is it not possible?

2) is it ppossible to move the position of the camera (or 
viewpoint) rather than move all objects to change the 

3) I couldn't find many patches (example or tutorial or 
otherwise) out there, other than the examples in the 
documentation. Short of any lead to examples/tutorial, does 
anyone have any good recommendation on sources that would 
help me understanding gem concepts such as in question 
number 1?


- martin

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