[PD] FFT Convolution Patch

Jamie Cameron Allen 0006685A at student.gla.ac.uk
Thu Apr 18 19:56:38 CEST 2002

Hi there, 

I've been working on a patch which takes the output of an fft and "mixes" the real and imaginary parts with the fft data from another sample.  It then resynthesizes for the output.  It's sort of like a convolution, conceptually.

I have been having enormous amounts of trouble debugging the thing and am presently getting "Consistency Check signal_free 4" errors.  I've checked, but can't seem to find any un-connected connections, which is, I believe, what causes that error.  I'm using a block size of 8192 in the fft patches, and am both reading from and sending to a whole lot of arrays using tabreceive~ and tabsend~.   I've enclosed the patch and all it's associated "stuff." 

Can consistency check errors result from tabreceive~ and tabsend~ somehow?  Do I have to be careful about where the arrays i'm tabsend~ing to are?  Should I put block size objects in the patch that contains the arrays...?

Anyone who could lend some help?

Thanks a million,
Jamie A

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