AW: [PD] audio calculation at full cpu load

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at
Thu Apr 18 20:04:44 CEST 2002

Thomas Grill wrote:
> Hi,
> another question on that one:
> Are there any restrictions for the length of a signal vector?
> Does it have to be even or is there any maximum length?
1.) it has to be a power of two
there *was* a restriction of the length too (i think 65536 samples), but 
this has changed to 2^32 (which is more than 27h at 44.1kHz)

2.) regarding up/downsampling:
funny enough, just today i noticed a bug bug within the setting of the 
sample-rate when doing up/downsampling: the sampling-rate is modified 
the wrong way:
if you do upsampling by 2 from 44.1kHz, a sampling-rate of 22.05kHz is 
the bug is in line 889 of d_ugen.c: diff says:

<       srate = parent_srate * realoverlap * upsample / downsample; /* 
 >       srate = parent_srate * realoverlap * downsample / upsample; /* 

mea culpa


> Thomas

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