[PD] GEM questions

martin martin.dupras at uwe.ac.uk
Thu Apr 18 13:44:53 CEST 2002

I am only just starting to get to grips with GEM, which is getting really cool (thanks IOhannes.)

I've got a few naive questions which I do not seem to find answers to in the documentation.

First of all, in the examples, in 04.pix/10.PixDataSimple.pd, one can draw several instance of the same geo over and over; am I correct in understanding that this is made possible by using 'buffer 1'? If so, is it possible to combine the two sorts of behvaiours in one gem windows (e.g. have something like 10.PixDataSimple in the background and something like RedSquare.pd in the foreground?

Second, is it possible to move the camera (or point of view), as opposed to having to move all objects to fake camera motion?

Last, there do not seem to be many examples of gem patches out there, other than the gem documentation examples. Unless someone has any good lead to example patches, what are good recommendations for understanding such things as in my first question?

Thanks a lot!

- martin
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