[PD] [announce][unauthorized] a micro sound editor : cooled~

mark mark at junklight.com
Fri Apr 19 13:40:39 CEST 2002

>i think there would be, at least, a moderator or even better,
>an integrator which actually tests submitted software.
>this is obviously not the case and
>the success of PD really depends on this.

The thing is someone has got to want to do this - of course it
would be nice but we are depending on volutary contributions here.
I mean it would be nice if VST~ was a lot more stable but I haven't
had a moment to myself to look at it for the last two weeks....

When we are all giving our time for free we need to make the best
of what we have got - of course we would all do it differently given
a free hand but that would only come with money.

Giving the contributers a hard time - and I am particularly comenting
on Yves's attitude to pure-data.org is just not going to help. Yes I am
sure pure-data.org could be better run given time and resource but that
clearly isn't there and pure-data.org is a valuable resource flawed or not.

This is another thing that put me off the unified library - the amount of
flak you would have to take to run a project like that..



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