[PD] GEM and g++-3.0

Frank Barknecht barknech at ph-cip.uni-koeln.de
Sun Apr 21 15:06:02 CEST 2002


I tried building the GEM 0.87 with g++-3.0 and it complained about 
Pixes/pix_puzzle.cpp, that memcpy wasn't defined. I added 
#include "string.h"
at the top of the file, but is this the correct header? 

Anyways, I couldn't load Gem then, it complained about a missing
symbol like "xx-Gravity-xx" in it. I have my PD build with the same
g++-3.0 compiler. Then I built GEM again, now with g++ 2.95.4, and that 
worked fine now.

 Frank Barknecht                                  _ _______footils__

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