[PD] XML/Scheme libraries/plugins?

Larry Troxler lt at westnet.com
Sun Apr 21 19:10:13 CEST 2002

david casal wrote:
> On Sun, 21 Apr 2002 integer at www.god-emil.dk wrote:
> nn with constructive comment? lovely day indeed...;-)

Yes it is! I find myself filled with a new found hope. I am suddenly
wonderously filled with a joyous appreciation of newly formed buds on
trees, of the beauty of a bird in flight, of ... <oh $%*# not on my
windshield again!> ...

> > pd should kall the appropriate importer when one selects to load a patch with
> > a translator - much as other programs do.  [there are other places where this
> > should be available and the entire pd requires a lovely redesign

Ok, guys and, erm, "luvl3 humnz", could you fill me in on what the gist
of this tread was? I seem to have missed the buildup because of certain,
erm mail filters I have in place.

> If Larry were to write a Scheme interpreter with a more comprehensive
> implementation (currently SIOD) like, say, PLT (Larry?), we could build
> beatiful combinations of importer/interpreter chains...or am I just
> tripping here.

Well, actually, although it's true that SIOD is not a complete or
compliant Scheme implementation, I am not even sure if I would be
statisfied with a complete Scheme either.
In my toying around with pd-scheme, I find I especially miss a built-in
object protocol.
It's nothing like the ease and power of working in Common Lisp IMO. I've
been toying with the idea of implementing some kind of socket interface
from PD to Common Music ...

The advantage of course of Scheme is that's it's small enough to link up
to pd and not create a burden even when pd is running at rt priority
with memory locked. The same is I'm sure not true for any Common Lisp

> [crazy idea for a lovely sunday]
> > define a compatibility/diktionary file format [text format so that one may easily modify
> > + misuse it] which the plugins load automatically at startup _and when prompted [no more xy rigidity
> > nonsense svp]
> how about doing it with XML, i.e. a dictionary in XML format (PD
> XSchema?) and a Scheme XML-RPC layer to talk to a plugins/external
> library? I cannot boast that I could help Larry with the C involved in a
> new interpreter (though he said a bigger user-base than 1 would prompt him
> to do it), but I could help to code XML bits in Scheme. I'm sure Orm
> Finnendhal (sorry if misspelt) would help, too?
> > pd should be able to import with _multiple plugins simult [hence it is lovelier if the
> > import plugins are patches (one could construct custom versions as desired.
> > likewise _one import plugin could be fabricated out of multiple objekts]

Again, some background here, please? What exactly is the goal?

> If PD-land could agree on a scripting/library architecture, that should be
> no problem?

Good luck (IMO)! And again I'm not sure what the goal of a universal
scripting language has to do with what seems to be a discussion of
import filters for pd patch files.

> > am working on something vis a vis this but don't mind me. i have different motives +
> > desires.  e.g. should <-> may ~74
> what is your vis a vis? do you desires include Free Software principles?
> feel like sharing? Seriously, I see what Larry Troxler started as a very
> huge step towards a unified plugin(or whatever)-able architecture for PD,
> and watching
> the recent (and juicy!) thread on libraries, etc., I feel that if only we
> had a few more people interested in at least trying with something as
> flexible as Scheme <=> XML, we could really go a long way towards most
> everybody's desires/pleas...

Well, that really wasn't my goal, but I'm all ears.

> Ready?
> dc
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