[PD] Shabby~ (also flext)

Larry Troxler lt at westnet.com
Sun Apr 21 19:25:25 CEST 2002

Hi Frank, 

What version of pd have you been developing shabby~ on? I tried it with
pd-0.34.2 and it seems the help patch doesn't load - it can't create
objects like "nbx".

However it could be some strange gcc version problem. Rather than
installing gcc 3.x, I built both flext and shabby~ with the Redhat gcc
2.96 after changing the makefiles to disable optimization (-O0). This is
under of the assumption that the reason gcc 3.x is recommended is
because of the optimization bugs in the earlier gcc. But I could be
wrong, and I will soon go ahead and install gcc 3.x.

A question about the install paths: I'm sorry to have not followed this
discussion, and I guess I will have to look in the list archives. Has
some decision been reached on a standard for pd paths? I ask this
because until now I have no /usr/lib/pd/extra directory. Most things I
install in /usr/local/pd/externs/* .

Finally, a question about what shabby~ does (realizing that if I had it
running, I might not need to ask): I surmize that shabby~ mixes together
the results of waveshaping synthesis on a number of polynomials, and
that each inlet is the amplitude of an x-axis sine wave that is used for
lookup in the respective polynomial. But what I am confused about is the
harmonic content of each of these polynomials (which of course depends
on the amplitude of the driving sine wave, i.e. with waveshaping, the
harmonic content is richer with higher driving amplitudes). Can you
maybe clarify my muddled mind?



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