[PD] pd-max compatibility

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Mon Apr 22 13:59:46 CEST 2002


quite recently, a few comments have been made on the very same
subject on pd-list.  No, there is no "compatibility library", nor
there is any hope of having such in the near future.  The available
externs which emulate several max/msp objects are scattered here
and there, but most of them are not fully compatible.

Firstly, pd-lib.sourceforge.net has been created as the official
site for a compatibility project, but it appears that pd-lib
project is now abandoned.  There are around 20 externals in pd-lib,
both maxish, and mspish, but mostly unfinished.

Secondly, I would like to gather compatibility externals myself
(if only I had time to do so, and some assurance it is not going to
cause major licensing uproar...)  Last week I have started a project
named `cyclone' at

I intend to put into it any external: 1) tested for full
compatibility, 2) generally behaving well, and also such, that
3) may be released under PureData license.  Currently, only six
msp objects (allpass~, comb~, count~, delay~, linedrive~, and rand~)
have made into cyclone.

Thirdly you may find a few other ``max/msp similarity'' externals
in ggee, zexy, iemlib, ext13, maxlib, etc...


João Miguel Pais wrote:
 > - is there any "compatibility library" between pd and max? If so, maybe I
 > wouldn't have to try to design the abstractions myself, since they would be
 > already made.

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