[PD] pd-max compatibility

João Miguel Pais jmmmpl at netcabo.pt
Tue Apr 23 01:11:11 CEST 2002

I was searching cyclone, but the winds might have calmed down, because I
couldn't find any files, just the intro page.
I am not a programmer, but it would be very confortable for me to be able to
work with max and pd simultaneously, so I'll try to use what's already
available and make abstractions with the rest.
If I give up in a week or continue trying, only time will tell.

Is there anybody who compiled the codes in the pd-lib.sourcefourge site?
(into windows)

I also wanted to create a kind of command-line program (I think it might be
called "script") that would make the necessary changes in the text files
(osc~ -> cycle~ ; correct parameters for atoms ; detection of max signal
outlets and inlets ; etc.). Basically just a "replace" command would be
necessary. Does anybody know if something like that already exists and can
be easily controlled by an "amateur"?

Other short question: I remember seing an object from a library that would
direct bangs to two exits alternatively (1st bang -> left; 2nd bang -> right
; etc.), but I searched everything and couldn't find it. Anybody remembers
which object was?

João Miguel Pais

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> hi,
> quite recently, a few comments have been made on the very same
> subject on pd-list.  No, there is no "compatibility library", nor
> there is any hope of having such in the near future.  The available
> externs which emulate several max/msp objects are scattered here
> and there, but most of them are not fully compatible.
> Firstly, pd-lib.sourceforge.net has been created as the official
> site for a compatibility project, but it appears that pd-lib
> project is now abandoned.  There are around 20 externals in pd-lib,
> both maxish, and mspish, but mostly unfinished.
> Secondly, I would like to gather compatibility externals myself
> (if only I had time to do so, and some assurance it is not going to
> cause major licensing uproar...)  Last week I have started a project
> named `cyclone' at
> http://suita.chopin.edu.pl/~czaja/miXed/externs/cyclone.html
> I intend to put into it any external: 1) tested for full
> compatibility, 2) generally behaving well, and also such, that
> 3) may be released under PureData license.  Currently, only six
> msp objects (allpass~, comb~, count~, delay~, linedrive~, and rand~)
> have made into cyclone.
> Thirdly you may find a few other ``max/msp similarity'' externals
> in ggee, zexy, iemlib, ext13, maxlib, etc...
> Krzysztof
> João Miguel Pais wrote:
> ...
>  > - is there any "compatibility library" between pd and max? If so, maybe
>  > wouldn't have to try to design the abstractions myself, since they
would be
>  > already made.

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