[PD] pd-gui wishlist

mark mark at junklight.com
Tue Apr 23 17:55:39 CEST 2002

To be honest I am not looking for anything fancy - just
a bit pseudo 3d'ness perhaps - the odd shadow on a box
makes a big difference apperance wise.


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Frank Barknecht wrote:

Hi,mark hat gesagt: // mark wrote:
I know its boring but the main thing I would like from the GUI is for it to
look nicer - Jmax despite not doing half the things I want it to looks
fantastic and is nice to use.
Yes, but as it's wishing time ;) I would also like the PD gui to befaster.
Some patches, especially those with lots of number boxes, runa lot faster
when pd is started with -noguiciao,
speaking of light-speed interfaces, java is certainly  not the way.
and if you like a lot of decorations ( which i don't,
i'd rather a pure interface ), you're not going in that way neither.

about decorations, Tcl/Tk is not a limitation for that,
latest relesases includes transparency, it doesn't do
3D-accelerated graohics, ok .... but do we use it outside of Gem ? ? ?

about tool tips poping up, i hope it was only meant for edition mode,
in performance mode, it would be an impediment.

you might be surprised i dislike useless decorations, knowing
i did some graphical externs, but heavy graphic operations
for these objects are launched at patch loading time
or in the background.

i'm not sure it's useful to update numbers or sliders each 1/1000 second.

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