[PD] pd-gui wishlist

Joschi joschi at eds.org
Tue Apr 23 19:53:16 CEST 2002

I agree that aesthetics is definitely important to an interface, many
people (most notable "artists") feel stress when having to interact with
an ugly or messy program (like an old version of cakewalk or logic
platinum) and more at ease with pretty and functional programs (like
ableton live or reason) ... it definitely isn't the most important
consideration, but it matters.  

What I have come to think about this is that I would like to attempt to
do a little "beautification" of pd (make it look a little more Max'ish)
but _definitely_ have some sort of -prettygui commandline option,
because I know for a fact that many people don't care about beveled
edges on number boxes, or gradients in the sliders and I bet you that
Miller would not be interested in a patch attempting to force that kind
of heavy style on everyone.


On Tue, 2002-04-23 at 03:57, mark wrote:
> I know its boring but the main thing I would like from the GUI 
> is for it to look nicer - Jmax despite not doing half the things 
> I want it to looks fantastic and is nice to use. 
> When you are using a tool a lot - how it looks IS important. 
> cheers 
> mark 
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> I forgot to say, I'd love it if people would share their gui improvment
> brainstorms in this thread.  I've been tinkering around in the pd tcl code
> and would like to find some way to help while learning.  the more ideas i
> hear, the more likely i will find one that i can implement.
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