[PD] pd-gui wishlist

joge . gboy at nycap.rr.com
Tue Apr 23 22:42:35 CEST 2002

> graphics in Java has always been the weak point,
> and i don't find it particularly pretty in
> any of its skins.  .. i did a lot of projects
> with JSP, Servlets, J2EE...but no graphics.
> + java will hardly allow client/server structure
> between PD and PD-GUI, if you use RMI,
> you'll also get troubles with performances.
> client/server structure is a real good feature in PD.

why is this so ?  that is how does tcl\tk differ from java in the
client/server structure between PD and PD-GUI ?

>   this is what i mean by helpful graphical content : a language like
python or java , is graphically helpful when you see the text its some what
more intuitive for a person who has programmed in c/c++ to follow the code
and then to take there hand at modifing it as they see fit .
>   Also i think the tcl/tk windowing graphics can be a bit *raw* for new
comers to pd to get into it right off the bat . i know lots of peoplt who
buy apple computers to run Max/MSP [well that and the documentation helps
too] .  i mean most people that use a program like pd are not hardcore
programmers , they are artists that have a strong background in computers
and wish to do some cool/interesting/playful project with computers that
perhaps they couldnt do any other way .
> i also know some artists who like the aesthetic of PD's appearance . . .

its not about the appearence of PD that i think is ugly .. i rather like it
now that i am used to it .  for my self personally i think there are jsut a
few features which other people have mentioned in this thread [inlet outlet
naming/description] patch cord coloration for signal and number lines .  the
feature i guess i was interested but not sure if any one else was interested
in is segmented patch cords [*bendable* patch cords] .  But i am going to
look into tcl\tk a bit more because it seems to be the way to go to further
pd .  any good resource to tcl\tk would be greatly apprietiated .

> lot of work ahead !!! but, if you loose
> client/server structure then
> you'll get to a less flexible tool. . .  good luck . . .

thanks again .

joge .

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