[PD] pd-gui wishlist

V93r gert at test.at
Tue Apr 23 23:56:37 CEST 2002

this is like the "new object" list in max, i dont know if it isn't a 
little bit annoying..

interesting would be to have an object/externals thesaurus. this may 
not be a gui feature, but someone might have nice frontend ideas for 
it. it also might require an standardized way of writing help 
patches, and/or also categorizing objects. dont know how to get this 
started, but it would be really helpful. i have the vision that each 
new external i install adds to the tree, telling me what i can use it 
for.. and of course -selecting it in the tree would automagically 
write it in my object-box in the patch.


At 23:32 Uhr +0200 23.04.2002, intent wrote:
>Another idea: An "Explorer" like interface
>At the left you see the arborescence of your patches, at the right the patch
>you select.
>That way you can reach an abstraction easily without having to open/close all
>the intermediary levels.

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