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Ben Bogart - FMPM/F1999 bbogart at acs.ryerson.ca
Tue Apr 23 23:58:44 CEST 2002

Well here I am going out on a limb.

I do not find tcl/tk ugly or difficult or innefficient. I am aware that 
large patches do take forever to load in PD. (or they can) I am not a 
programmer, a scripter at best. I use Tcl/tk because it is portable, 
has strong string tools, and is easiest, which I have used, to build GUIs 
in. Bulding a GUI in tcl/tk is more like building an HTML page than 
coding (good enough reason for most of you to hate it!) Its also slow 
(ugly intreptive language) but I could GREP though a 14,000 element list 
in a few seconds) 

tcl/tk used the be the scripting counterpart to JAVA, they were developed 
side by side at SUN. Just aimed at different needs. I know someone wrote 
an entire webserver in tcl/tk (it ran the old scriptics.com) and handled 
thousands of hits a day. 

point of the story,
Tcl/Tk is not that bad, crap looking at Lisp and Scheme, Java, C++ etc at 
least tcl code is in english... 

my 2 cents.


On Tue, 23 Apr 2002, joge . wrote:

> > As far as I can tell, PD and Tcl/Tk are married, and will be for the
> > forseeable future.  If you tried to replace tcl/tk with java or
> > something, you would have replace all of the gui externs as well.  I
> > used to feel that tcl/tk was icky and had to go, but in actually
> > learning it, I stopped caring.  Any programmer who would be able to add
> > segmentation to the connectors in a java based gui can learn to use
> > tcl/tk well enough in a few afternoons, it really isnt that
> > complicated.  Further, if you feel really die hard about your opinion
> > that Java is the way, why are you not using jMax?  It'd gui is
> > "prettier" and written in Java right now.
> >
> i am not die hard java by any means .  its just the language that i have
> alot of experince with and though i would through it you there to the group
> for discussion .  i am new to pd so i dont know to much about its base code
> structure .  so i was curious if it was even possible to attempted a gui in
> java .
> as for jmax , i tried to use it for a while but it is still well in it
> infance it appeared to me .  i guess mostly in the sense that there is not
> to much of a use group as far as i am aware .  i am subcribed to the jmax
> list and the activite is mostly about the software development and
> compilation of jMax .
> thanks for the info though , i didnt mean to sound like java is the way to
> do every thing and that tcl/tk is evil . hehe ..    with this information i
> think i will looked further into tcl\tk .  is there a particularly good
> resource any one can recommend ?
> thanks
> joge .

B. Bogart

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