[PD] newbie questions --- call me crazy but I had to ask

João Rui aglobais at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 24 09:49:37 CEST 2002

Hello to all on the list.

I am trying to create the follow on PD:

PD would capture sound through adc~ (sound that would be from one or several microphones), from these sounds
I would like to limit their processing accourding to a specific range of frequencies , say with fiddle~ maybe (actually I would like to try and limit them to just voices, altought I know that is dificult to do)?

>From that the specific interval that PD would process by apply different filters or passes and output a sound response in what would be an abstract form of response from the converstaion or voice that were being captured.

My doubts and difficulites so far are:

How do I specify to fiddle~ a specific range of frequencies?

The unpack object when connected to one of the pitch outlets from fiddle~, can show the raw pitch
and amplitude. Can I use this to indicate to sig~ the sounds to process?

Finally if by connecting the numbers that are produced by fiddle~to sig, why is it that I just get a sound resembling interference
(like if someone was tapping a microfone), instead of actual sound reprodution?

I thank advance anyone who can give me a hand on the this.

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