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Michal Seta mis at creazone.com
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On 24 Apr 2002, 08:49:37, =?iso-8859-1?Q?Jo=E3o_Rui?= wrote:

> How do I specify to fiddle~ a specific range of frequencies?

You don't.  But you can process the output of fiddle~ in any way you wish.
 There, you can use only the ranges you need.

> The unpack object when connected to one of the pitch outlets from =
> fiddle~, can show the raw pitch
> and amplitude. Can I use this to indicate to sig~ the sounds to process?

not sure what you mean...  but...  you can use that information in any way
you wish.  You will most likely use those as control messages so [sig~] will
perhaps not be necessary.

> Finally if by connecting the numbers that are produced by fiddle~to sig, =
> why is it that I just get a sound resembling interference
> (like if someone was tapping a microfone), instead of actual sound =
> reprodution?

[sig~] is simply a float to signal converter for the objects that need a
signal as an input, for example the [osc~] object, when created without arguments.  Connect
the output from [sig~] to [osc~] (no arguments) and you should hear a sine
wave that will follow the raw frequency of your input signal.  But you can
bypass [sig~] and connect directly to [osc~ arg] (where "arg" is any float)
and you should get the same behaviour.

<some-number> -> [sig~] -> [osc~] -> [dac~]
<some-number> -> [osc~ 220] -> [dac~]


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