[PD][announce] freeverb~

Olaf Matthes olaf.matthes at gmx.de
Wed Apr 24 17:27:54 CEST 2002

Hi list,

I finally managed to get a good-sounding reverb working as external.
freeverb~ is based on Jezar's public domain Freeverb source code. It's a
simple implementation of the standard Schroeder/Moorer reverb model and
uses 8 comb filters and 4 allpasses per channel.

Find it at http://www.akustische-kunst.de/puredata/ ... As always, just
Win32 at the moment. It's a rather straight implementation of the
original source code and some extra predelay and EQ could be added to
make the sound much better... But, hey, it works!


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