[PD] pd-gui wishlist

stm_sq^n stm_sq^n at bleu255.com
Wed Apr 24 17:45:58 CEST 2002

i agree on the point that pd need some gui improvments, but for the
functionnality only not the way it should look... pd DOES look nice as
it is now, it's meant to be a workplace and not a showroom ! I really
don't see the point to add 3d like interfaces and heavy design, if
someone wants this, well you will have to make some kind of stuff just
like ircam has done with the macromedia xtra plugin to control jmax...

things that would help:
- speed :)
- magnetic grid
- to be able to hide/gray/freeze some parts of the patch
- to be able to "color" some parts of the patch (this group of boxes
are red and belongs to blabla ... this is green and is meant for
- undo :)


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