PD and Flash (was Re: [PD] pd-gui wishlist)

Bill Orcutt mailing-l at bigfoot.com
Wed Apr 24 19:25:57 CEST 2002

Funny, I've been working on something similar- the answer to your question
is no, but it _is_ possible to stream pd's output with yves' shoutcast~ (in
no-gui mode if you like) then use a flash animation to control pd via osc
(http://www.benchun.net/flosc/ ). Which makes me wonder if flash would be
capable of receiving and playing back a ice/shoutcast audio stream, thus
creating the effect of an "embedded" pd patch in the browser. Any Flash
wizards out there know the answer to this?

On the subject of gui-goodness, has anyone had the opportunity to play with
the sodaconstructor/osc controller?  http://www.soda.co.uk/explore/osc.htm



on 4/24/02 5:00 AM, Ricardo Climent at r.climent at qub.ac.uk wrote:

> Sorry if it sounds like quite a disoriented question but would it be
> possible to run Pd online as an embedded application within a browser?
> To say something, like actionscript does within flash to create new
> objects. It can create classes, instance of the classes, methods etc.
> I do not know much about the tcl interpreter and tk although.
> Here is the idea 
> (flash plugin needed) >   http://www.acusmatica.com/php/pdtest.swf
> Ricardo

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