[PD] [ TOOOOOO LONG THREAD ] pd-gui wishlist

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Wed Apr 24 20:27:30 CEST 2002

>ok, lets see if i got it right :
>the pd-gui starts up, it then starts the audio-engine, which will then
>send drawing commands to the gui ?

>i.e. the drawing instructions reside in the audio-engine ?
>so, the gui is then only a canvas where the objects draw on ?
>if so, it would mean that even if the gui would run on a second machine, that
>the audio engine still has to issue the drawing commands, thus taking
>away cpu time from the audio process ....
yep, that's why in case of a big and greedy update,
you have to start a thread for sending graphic commands.

>are the objects (externals) loaded in the audio-engine or the gui ?
in the audio-engine for PD, and in the gui for Jmax.
That's a real big difference.

>well, i think not. even with these differences. i mean, if it is only
>about drawing lines, text, etc. the (new) gui can be equipped
>with some drawing functions to achieve that.
>since it will be programmed in c, there could even a (stripped down)
>tcl/tk interpreter integrated, which translates tk-commands to the native 
>c-drawing-functions of the toolkit .....
yes, it could, but when used for jmax,
it should allow native drawing as well
which really means it would have 2 modes.
it's not impossible, just doubles the work.

good luck anyway.



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