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Christian Klippel ck at mamalala.de
Wed Apr 24 20:36:35 CEST 2002

hi yves,

Am Mittwoch, 24. April 2002 20:27 schrieb Yves Degoyon:
> >are the objects (externals) loaded in the audio-engine or the gui ?
> in the audio-engine for PD, and in the gui for Jmax.
> That's a real big difference.

well, _thats_ the point of misunderstanding here, i think.
in jmax, no external is loaded into the gui (except for gui-objects)
in you prev. posting you wrote :

> in PD, the audio engine is the client of the GUI server,
> objects are executed in the audio engine
> and can only send drawing orders
> to the GUI, not do graphics by themselves.

so, it is actually pd's audio-core whose objects have to do the drawing stuff !
in the case they send drawing orders, they _do_ the graphics themselves !!

in jmax, the externals are also loaded into the fts server, _not_ the gui !!
a jmax object can have two parts : one part in c, for processing etc.
and it _can_ have a seperate java part (like the slider, switch, ...)
which represents the object in the gui.
the c-part (loaded in fts) does not know anything about graphics,
its representation, etc. all this is done _only_ in the gui.
one might get confused by the fact that the gui is "loading" the
externals. in reality, it only instructs the fts server to load that.
except for gui objects, where the gui loads the java part as well.
* booth parts, java and c, are completely seperate ! *

however, im still looking forward to start that gui project someday,
and i will try to make it usable for many apps, not only jmax ....
and, since that all is c++ (the qt lib, i mean) it shouldnt be a big
problem to extend it for other apps as well .... we will see ...



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