[PD] piperead for control data?

martin pi pi at attacksyour.net
Thu Apr 25 13:36:41 CEST 2002


i am currently working on a package of
network_data receiving misc objects for pd. i also
first tried to use parts of tcpdump (that is based
on the pcap library), yet i stumbled across some

- pcap is operated through giving it a callback
function that is triggered if anything conforming
the bpf rules passes by and called with a pointer
to the packet.

this is in my opinion contradictory to the pd
timeslicing approach, since you would have to
buffer the data somewhere (in the external). also,
libpcap explicitely says, that it might block (in
any mode) and it is necessary to give away the
focus - so the only plausible solution would be to
use threads (in my opinion).

so i programmed the packet handling from
scratch, since in my project, buffers should be
avoided for response time.

but you may use the pipe_approach if buffering
does not matter to you.


On Thu, 25 Apr 2002, Atuc wrote:

> hallo,
> i found the piperead~ external in the ext13 module, i would like to input 
> data from tcpdump over a streamed-pipe into pd and would like to use a 
> similar module like piperead~ but for control data (not 44100khz sample date).
> does somthing like this exist? any better idea how to do? or should i work 
> with the netreceive module?
> thanks for help,
> alexander

martin pi

johann strauss gasse 32 | 7
1040 vienna
++43 699 10 44 37 42


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