[PD] linked-slider logic

Thomas Musil musil at iem.kug.ac.at
Thu Apr 25 22:48:16 CEST 2002

Hi David

one simple way to do this is to give a vslider the same send- and receive-name
and then copy this slider. both sliders run parallel, both are master or slave.
if you like to connect the sliders with cords:
each slider-output has to be connected with a message "set $1";
each message-output has to be connected with all other slider-inputs.

thomas musil 

David McCallum wrote:
>          I'm writing a really simple delay abstraction with separate delay
> times for the left and right channels. But I've included a toggle to
> control whether the left and right sliders are linked, so that they are
> both set to the same value. The thing is, I can only really simply
> implement this when one of the sliders is the controller, and the other one
> the slave, otherwise I get a loop going if I let them control each other.
>          Has anyone implemented this kind of logic into their patches? I'm
> sure it's pretty simple. I can sort of think of detecting which slider has
> been moved and then using some spigots to route the information from the
> moved slider to the other one... But I'm having trouble visualising exactly
> how I'd go about this, especially if I want the user to be able to drag
> either of the sliders.
>          Any help would be super appreciated.
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