[PD] VST~ update / Pd crash

mark mark at junklight.com
Fri Apr 26 12:32:35 CEST 2002


I'm just looking at something like this now. 

I have fixed the bug that crashes PD when you 
make an empty vst~ or name a plugin you don't 
have (or have misspelled). 

The way I am now getting the bug is: 

make an empty vst~ 

change its name to a valid plugin 

do "edit".

The release version of the library crashes and the 
debug version doens't. (Ah the joys of M$ tools). I 
of course have been testing in Debug and making a 
release just for release.... 

Hopefully there will be a release later with these bugs 
fixed .


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pd crashes when i want to build the vst-object. it says like:
(translated) "the command/applicatation in "0x02ad26b9" refers  to
memory 0x00000000".
the process "read" could not be executed"... i reported errors like this
a few times, but was not able to show it intensionally. -until now.

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> There is a new (minor) release of Vst~ -  it is currently
> only available from my web site http://www.junklight.com on the
> pd page http://www.junklight.com/pd). I am unable to modify the
> info at pure-data.org....
> This release improves the stability specificly of Waldorf Attack
> under PD but hopefully other VST's as well.
> cheers
> mark

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