[PD] VST~ update - another fix

mark mark at junklight.com
Fri Apr 26 22:46:11 CEST 2002

Cheers for the advice - I do actually know all this I was 
a C programmer ( I started on C/C++ 7 - before windows) 
for years before moving to Java - just being lazy - I guess 
I've leaned my lesson. This one is a bit of a mystery though 
- I have been through and cleaned up all of the code - initializers
all called, made sure all freeing happens to things that have 
been allocated (and does happen). The odd thing is the error 
happens in a piece of code that isn't called before the error 
occurs - what happens before I call it is what effects it. I am 
sure I'll find it on monday anyhow - fresh at the start of the 

cheers again for the advice 


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In Debug mode, variables and array allocations, etc are initialized with
special (non-zero) values, to support tracking of various bugs. If you
are a bit lazy about initializing data, this can catch you out as the
code runs in debug mode but not in release, e.g. code that says
"if(var==0) dothis();". For example, don't rely on the compiler to zero
arrays, variables, etc before use. Always clear them explicitly. This
helps to document the code as well.

Note that it is possible to debug a release build; you can compile with
browse information, etc, and single step a release build. Code is
compiled as for a Release build (NDEBUG defined) but you can still debug

It is always necessary to test Release builds, even while developing;
Microsoft say this explicitly in the documentation, though after all
this time I forget where.

VC++ V5 had some bad optimiser bugs that were only fixed with Service
Pack 3. So some programs would crash in the Release build unless you
turned down, or off, the optimization. If you are using v5.0, you do
need that Service pack. I have had no such problems with V6.0 (SP4).

Richard Dobson

mark wrote:
> Ok,
> There is (yet) another release available - this one
> should be more tolerant of opening non-existent
> dll's - however there are still stability issues.
> The problem is that they do not exist in the debug version
> so I have no way of knowing where they are occuring in the
> release version. I will have another look soon but I've
> got other stuff to do today.

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