[PD] block~ and effective blocksize

intent intent at club-internet.fr
Sun Apr 28 03:55:28 CEST 2002


I made another discovery connecting the output of "env~" then "line" 
to a bang message and counting them during 1 second.

I get 93 bangs for "env~" and 50 for "line".

But i don't understand, it cannot be 20 ms update time for "line" since we 
are doing ADSR with it (?)


Le Samedi 27 Avril 2002 00:25, Miller Puckette a écrit :
> Well, you've hit on a major weakness of Pd's scheduler.  The block size can
> go all the way down to 1 (check it out using print~ for example)... BUT ...
> control computations only occur at intervals of 64 samples.  So bang~,
> which sets a delay so as to schedule a (message/control time) bang, might
> schedule it 64 times in a 64-sample period, but at the end of the show,
> only one of the 64 comes out.
> I wish I knew a better way to interleave control and DSP scheduling, but
> so far, the best I can come up with is to have the grain at which control
> passes back and forth be a global quantity.  In Pd it's arbitrarily set to
> 64...
> cheers
> Miller

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