[PD] [annouce]Xgui (previously called "seg")

Damien HENRY damien_henry at libertysurf.fr
Mon Apr 29 00:39:48 CEST 2002

Dear list.

I'm very please to annouce a new release of seg. It is now called Xgui cause 
there is now some other objects (arc, rect, text).

This project became mature and it's now have enougth feature to do some 
usefull stuff. Mostly if you whant an alternate way to drive your patch, make 
some writen music (create an experimental sequensor), or do some realtime 
visual art (no bipmap or video or 3D, just vector graphics in 2D)

main: http://dh7.free.fr
Download : http://dh7.free.fr/seg/xgui_0.06.tar.gz
screeshots : http://dh7.free.fr/seg/screenshot.html


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