[PD] building reference pages for pd classes

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Mon Apr 29 16:21:29 CEST 2002

hi all,

you might remember a pd-list thread from some time ago, about
various ways of making user documentation for Pd and externals
(conforming to DocBook, using XML, avoiding decorations, etc.)

Has anybody made any progress since then?

I am asking, because I am going to clean up my clumsy preprocessing
scripts used for building html pages, and thought about extracting
a portion dealing with ``class reference pages'' into something more
suited for general use.

The input format I am using is not very flexible, because it is
mainly meant to be simple to parse and quick to type.  There are
``structural tags'' for marking sections of a reference page, and
``inline tags'' used inside of a paragraph for text formatting.

Section tags (must start at first character of a line) are:
".t" for main title, ".h" for running header (printout) or window
title (html), ".b" for object box, ".d" for general description,
".a" for argument description, ".m" for method (left inlet)
description, ".i" for other inlet description, ".o" for outlet
description.  There is no ``see also'', nor ``examples'' section,
yet.  Inline tags are single-letter escape sequences.

Is such mark-up very disgusting?


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