[PD] still slow array display?

pix pix at test.at
Mon Apr 29 19:10:34 CEST 2002

hi there,

sorry to be one of these guys that just complains about bugs when he
clearly hasn't even bothered looking into it himself, but are there plans
to do anything about the slow array display in the new pd test releases
(higher than test4 i think)? it seems to be trying to draw every sample of
the array to the screen (even when there is only enough pixel-realestate
for 100 samples or so)... so if you have a "big" array (like 1 second,
44100 samples) then this takes a lot of cpu just being on the screen.

i did a search of the archive (i haven't been paying much attention to
this list recently), but couldn't see any recent mention of it...

really i just want to know if this is a "known problem"..

is it technically possible for someone to make an "arrays, the old way"
external? :)

i don't really fear change... honest :)


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