AW: [PD] still slow array display?

Thomas Grill t.grill at
Mon Apr 29 21:18:12 CEST 2002

i have another wish...
i'd find it more convenient if the array display would draw the peak value
of the samples contained in one pixel. I don't know what the current policy
is, but when the samples in a buffer consist merely of short clicks it can
happen that you don't see any signal at all.


> sorry to be one of these guys that just complains about bugs when he
> clearly hasn't even bothered looking into it himself, but are there plans
> to do anything about the slow array display in the new pd test releases
> (higher than test4 i think)? it seems to be trying to draw every sample of
> the array to the screen (even when there is only enough pixel-realestate
> for 100 samples or so)... so if you have a "big" array (like 1 second,
> 44100 samples) then this takes a lot of cpu just being on the screen.
> i did a search of the archive (i haven't been paying much attention to
> this list recently), but couldn't see any recent mention of it...
> really i just want to know if this is a "known problem"..
> is it technically possible for someone to make an "arrays, the old way"
> external? :)
> i don't really fear change... honest :)
> pix.

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