[PD] [fft] frequency select

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Tue Apr 30 21:50:34 CEST 2002


> the channel 0 will give the d.c. one would be samplerate/blocksize 
> (with 44.1k this would be 43Hz) 2 would be 86Hz and so on. 512 should 
> be 22050Hz, the nyquist-frequency, but the highest frequency the 
> fft-object of pd gives you is 511 (22007Hz).
very interesting, indeed. i didn't know that.
i don't think it's said in any documentation.

is there also a way of changing frequencies range,
eventually by modifying some code ???

i'd love that because, in fft as it is,
only the first 1/4 of frequencies are really of interest
to modify a sound with a tool like the sonogram~.

let me know.
[ maybe we'll talk about that ]



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