[PD] [annouce]Xgui (vtcl)

s/i iko at prac.net
Tue Apr 30 21:01:11 CEST 2002

> as i'm VERY interested on the GUI of PD but don't have so much knowledge
> coding... i  would be very interested on helping on the GFX side of

Hello there :)

Good idea Andre,..
I'm not a coder myself but got interested,..so went researching,..
What i've found so far is that the gui is made in tcl/tk..
After discovering that, thanks to this list :)
Went out on the web, there is so much out there regarding tcl and tk.
Found also a little tcl/tk application  vtcl, see my previous post for dl
Vtcl is quiet handy, you cant edited  the pd.tk or u_main.tk file in it,
but you can use it to produce example code.
So far i'm able to change the canvas bg color, menu
items(language,font,colors etc)
Still some stuff i havent found like,..the boxes, and cords,..they must be
in there,,..or not..?:)
Have a look in your bin folder for pd.tk and n your src folder for u_main.tk

Anyway this way of working for a newbie is really great as you can change
things without compiling
you just edit those tk files in an editor and save ,...that's it.
It's a great way to make gui's,..love it:)
Let me know how it goes Andre,..and if anyone out there has interestng tips
or comments
or want to correct my dabling please, please do so..Merci :)
ok...back to thinkering with the gui :)(hello ben:)


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