[PD] [ANNOUNCE] turn the knobs, fix the bugs

Frank Barknecht barknech at ph-cip.uni-koeln.de
Fri May 3 20:38:44 CEST 2002

Hi Olaf,
Olaf Matthes schrieb:
> I've fixed this, it's now an external called 'knob'. It's a rather fast hack but
> seems to work (win32, pd0.35 test17). Find it at
> http://www.akustische-kunst.de/puredata/knob.zip

Impressive, Olaf, you're the man! 

Now, that makes one bug less to fix, I'll go over the inlet/outlet problem
at the weekend.
> (I had to copy some stuff from within the Pd sources into knob.c. Couldn't find
> the place where to get sys_noloadbang from....)
I can't check this right now, because I'm still at work and here I only
have an older PD, but in that sys_noloadbang is declared in s_main.c and
maybe a line "extern int sys_noloadbang;" can fix the problem...

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