[PD] a poll on recycling

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Wed May 8 11:09:59 CEST 2002

hi all,

(hopefully I will get any response to) what do you think about how
best to simplify recycling task -- porting max/msp projects to Pd,
and the other way around -- and not bringing too much suffering to
anybody.  The options are:

a. the recycling project harms Pd community, and should be banned.

b. It harms max/msp community, and/or is illegal.

c. It is to be regarded as having low priority.  In particular,
if there is a name clash between an already existing Pd external
class and max or msp class, and the two are functionally different,
the Pd external wins.

d. It is to be regarded as middle priority, and conflicting and not
max/msp-compatible Pd externals should be renamed.

e. It is to be regarded as high priority, which would probably mean
adjusting some of the Pd internal classes.

But *please*, if you just want to add your vote, send it to my
private address only.  Use pd-list for discussion.


Btw, from now on, I will try to remember to always put the term
`recycling' in a subject line of any mail concerning Pd/max
compatibility in general, and the term `cyclone', if it is about
the library.  So you would rather use both in your mail filters!

Also btw, my vote is somewhere in between c and d -- but closer
to d, because there are already various clashes among Pd externals
themselves:  gate, prepend, counter...

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