[PD][gem] text2d jumping around?

Bo.T tim at timesup.org
Wed May 15 00:10:51 CEST 2002


  pulling out some moving text2d work that I did with
an older gem (0.84) I started to use it on a 0.87
version...and it's gone all funny. the text, rather 
than following the geom it is "attached" to (i.e. at
the end of the same render chain with an extra separator
between) it keeps jumping off, sort of like it is negating
a vector from the initial point, then returning.

 I thought I must have had some wierd arithmatic going
in, so I stripped all of the patch out to get the
basics, and it is still all strange. I have enclosed 
the patch as an attachment, I hope someone
can try it and tell me what is going wrong.

  it only requires the arial.ttf font in the same directory.

  I hope someone can help me with this one,



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