[PD] PD Documentation project

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Tue May 21 22:44:35 CEST 2002


I am the one to blame, having started `pddp' thread, and then
keeping silent for some time.

My original question was about a rather modest aim of building
just a reference manual and appropriate tools.  I have been
thinking about it, and making some progress with the tools,
very slowly.  I have not written any content yet.

Very briefly:  there is an external, `clarify', which reports
what classes can be created at any point of Pd session, what
are their arguments, inlets, outlets, aliases, etc.  The report
may be coming from two sources:  based on `espionage' tricks,
or taken from an external ``knowledge base''.  What still needs
to be done, is finding a way to report differences between the
two sources (after all, `clarify' is meant to be basically
a maintenance tool...)

Such reports (and also the ``knowledge base'') are in a simple,
troff-like format, to be processed with various scripts generating
html, and (later) man, tex, maybe others.  Have a look at


-- those are just the templates, no contents, made with
`bang' -> [clarify] in Pd, and then running a python script,
without any editing (and without taking care of all the

Anyway, to finish even the most basic of the tools I need to
find some time for the coding -- it may happen, hopefully,
end of this week.


Dupras, Martin wrote:
 > The thread on the PD documentation project seems to have
 > died, and I presume that it is because no one is really
 > sure how to go about it, or no one is willing to commit to
 > actually steer it.

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