[PD] About dynamic patches

sme marius.schebella at chello.at
Fri May 24 12:27:26 CEST 2002

hi yves,
first thing i saw is, that there are two outlets of oscibank~ one laying
on the other and only one is connected. to make it dynamically you can
use messages.
if you have an abstraction, that contains the filter and osc of one
slice ("abstraction-slice) than you can use a messge like
[;pd-test-banks.pd obj 50 50 abstraction-slice $1 $2( to create it in
the patch. 50 50 is the position, $1 $2 could be arguments for eg. the
ID and the frequencyband of the slice. inside the abstraction you can
work with send~ receive~ catch~ and throw~. so you don´t need any
connection-chords and it is independent from the number of abstractions.
when you build the abstractions there has to be the algorithm to tell
the message the arguments of each abstraction. (if there are 32 filters,
then the args for abstraction number 1, 2, 3, 4, ... are bla bla bla,
the dynamically deleting is not working with messages under windows, but
i´m shure it is working under linux (find, cut).
and then, my last point, i saw that you are multiplying the osc~ with
the inlet~ (which is the audio-signal of the slice). that is a kind of
ring-modulation. is that what you wanted to resynthetize?
maybe this helps, if it is not clear what i´m saying please tell me i
will take the time and try to express myself in better words.

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Subject: [PD] About dynamic patches

> hi,
> i made a small and very limited patch
> that uses 32 filters to slice the sound
> by frequency ranges and then
> re-synthetize it with 32 oscillators.
> it sounds quite ok but i'd like
> to change dynamically the number
> of filters ( which is now hard-coded to 32 ).
> this would require a real maestria in dynamic
> patch creation that i'm not sure to have right now.
> also, this would be a good test for dynamic creation stability.
> so, i'd be pleased if someone would take the time
> to improve this little tool
> or give me hints.
> the main patch is "test-banks.pd"
> cheers,
> yves/

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