[PD] can't make on OS X

Jack Stenner jack at jigglingwhisker.com
Fri May 31 06:45:37 CEST 2002

I'm having a problem installing Pd on OS X (10.1.4).  I have the latest 
Tk/Tcl frameworks installed in /Library/Frameworks.  Wish Shell is 
installed in /Applications and is working fine.

When I ./configure I get a couple of errors about Tk/Tcl but I looked at 
the makefile and it properly calls for the frameworks, so I don't think 
that's a problem.  Just in case, here's the suspect output from 

checking for tcl.h... (cached) no
checking for tcl8.1/tcl.h... (cached) no
checking for tcl8.2/tcl.h... (cached) no
checking for tcl8.3/tcl.h... (cached) no
checking for tcl8.4/tcl.h... (cached) no
checking for tcl8.5/tcl.h... (cached) no
no tcl/tk header found
checking for main in -ltcl8.3... (cached) yes
checking for main in -ltk8.3... (cached) no
checking for main in -ltk8.2... (cached) no
checking for main in -ltk8.0... (cached) no
creating ./config.status

make runs along fine until it starts linking the portaudio stuff and 
quits with this:

-lm -lpthread
/usr/bin/ld: Undefined symbols:
make: *** [../bin/pd] Error 1

Any ideas?


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