[PD] basic audio analyzing

Andre Schmidt andre at vju.info
Wed Jul 10 22:04:50 CEST 2002

hi, (back on puredope again ;)

as theres so much i still need/want/hope to do with pd i desided to start make some basic "gui-modules" for some functions so i don't have to make them seperately in every patch i create/use. 

i was also thinking on modules for:
- gemwin (allready started)
- fiddle&bonk
- audio(card) mixer/fader (you know, mute, routing & co for audio IN/OUTs)
- midi ?

btw. has some1 else made this kind of modules ?

ok, the first1 is here "audio2data". audioIN trough [envrms~], [snapshot~] and [dfreq~]... sorry but i spend more time to develop the gui as the code :)... so i got some questions regarding coding:

1. i assume that PDs <peak meters> is the real volume that goes in/out the soundcard, it shows 0=min and 100=max. so i was wondering what are the 
corresponding min/max for [env~], [envrms~], and [snapshot~] when "grabbing" direct from [adc~] ?

2. what is the best combination for [dfreq~] to get the value of loudest frequency and what is the output range of [dfreq~] ?

3. can i dynamicly change a <sliders> output-range ? tried hi,high,right,value...

4. could some1 refresh my mind by telling what was it with $0 or $1 in a symbol (like send/receive symbols) ? because i want to communicate with the modules.

5. are there other huge cpuhog objects like dynamicly changing <number> boxes ?

6. can i open a patch to a window WITHOUT the borders&menu ?

7. any1 know links to "indepth" documents about [bonk~] and [fiddle~] input commands or could some1 explain me in "common-people-way" how to use them with purpose, or maybe you could build a little bonk/fiddle tutorial :) ?

8. with [env~] and [envrms~] i get the same, only different "scale" right ?

i think this is enough for starters ;)
so, any tips/help to improve my newbish coding IS apprichiated!!!

to run _audio2data3e.pd you need:
- zexy
- gem (for [average])
- spigot~.pd

and the "manual" www.vju-tv.net/_audio2data3e.gif

[win2k, 1.2ghz, 256mb, gf2mx, sis7012]

ps. an experimental GUI: www.vju-tv.net/_audio2data2c.gif
(you could but the objects name/function/help outside the interface so you can size the window in the size of the actual interface. and when you need help, just scroll.)
btw. as the mouse with scroll/wheel is very common today i was wondering is there an [object] for that?
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