[PD] pd OSX with an emagic 2|6

Mark Khemma mkhemma at orion.it.luc.edu
Fri Jul 12 06:27:03 CEST 2002

this is what the readme from portaudio says about mac core sound:

" Notes on Core Audio Implementation of PortAudio

by Phil Burk and Darren Gibbs

Document last updated March 20, 2002


Output with very low latency, <10 msec.
Half duplex input or output.
Full duplex on the same CoreAudio device.
The paFLoat32, paInt16, paInt8, paUInt8 sample formats.


We do not yet support simultaneous input and output on different
devices. Note that some CoreAudio devices like the Roland UH30 look
like one device but are actually two different CoreAudio devices. The
BuiltIn audio is typically one CoreAudio device.

Mono doesn't work.


CoreAudio devices can support both input and output. But the sample
rates supported may be different. So we have map one or two PortAudio
device to each CoreAudio device depending on whether it supports
input, output or both.

When we query devices, we first get a list of CoreAudio devices. Then
we scan the list and add a PortAudio device for each CoreAudio device
that supports input. Then we make a scan for output devices."

so it seems for the moment that you can only get half duplex with your 2|6
on OSX :(

On Thu, 11 Jul 2002, shreeswifty wrote:

> Dear folks
> i would like to use my emagic 2|6 for audio input but when i run pd i get
> "PortAudio input and output must use same core Audio device"
> apparently it sees the emagic as default #0 Input and  default #1 output
> is there a work round for this?
> cheers~
> Pat

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