[PD] dynamic object creation

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Wed Jul 17 19:29:22 CEST 2002

hi Ben, Iohannes,

(even if usually avoiding dynamic creation, but still...)
I have some crazy thoughts:

IOhannes zmoelnig wrote:
 > because it would take you to hell.

do you mean max, with its 'newex' -> [thispatcher]?  It works...

 > the main problem is (as i see it) that you really do not know when to
 > trigger the loadbang: immediately after its creation ? (this would be
 > after the patch is finished ???? in true dynamic patch-creation, who

theoretically, it seems to be the only logical place to put in the
loadbang call.  The main problem is, however, that loadbangs are
dealt with in Pd in a somewhat ad hoc fashion -- there is no
unified scheme yet.  So, in practice, there is no good place to
put this call, without major code redesign, at least I do not
see it (as usual).

 > knows ? if you are just dynamically loading abstractions with nested
 > [loadbang]s, the problem of not being able to connect the abstraction's
 > outlet to something before the loadbang fires reappears...

why this is a major problem -- why this should make firing of
loadbangs inappropriate? (dangerous, misleading?)

 > the major difference between dynamic patch-creation and loading a patch
 > is, that, when loading (from a file) you know your parent patch before
 > you have to initiate the child, while on dynamic creation the parent you
 > are in "edit"-mode, so your parent is not finished yet (normally, of

well... dynamic creation does not cause switching to edit-mode...
(besides, this is yet another case of a 'dirty-flag' bug)


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