[PD] [gem] pix_video & webcam

Bill Sack wsack at acsu.buffalo.edu
Fri Jul 19 22:38:54 CEST 2002

hello all,
i know this has been on the list many times, but ... i'm trying to use a
cheapo usb webcam with pix_video and have gotten this far:

;;when pix_video loads, the following appears in the terminal:

cap: name Logitech USB Camera type 513 channels 1 maxw 352 maxh 288 minw
176 minh 144

picture: brightness 18779 depth 24 palette 4

channel 0 name Camera type 2 flags 0
buffer size 811008, frames 2, offset 0 405504

frame 0 0, format 4, width 176, height 144
;;so far, so good. when i give it this message -
[mode PAL 0 (
;;it responds
GEM: pix_video: Opened video connection
;;when i start rendering:
GEM: Start rendering
/dev/video0: Device or resource busy
;;which looks suspiciously like a kernel message a la:
[root at t0ast root]# /sbin/rmmod usbcore
usbcore: Device or resource busy

and no, no other programs are using /dev/video0 when this happens. does
anyone have a clue as to what's going on here? is there any reason why
ANY video device (i.e.: anything that works with xawtv, say) won't work
with pix_video?

Bill Sack
wsack at acsu.buffalo.edu

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