[PD] jack

stefan kersten steve at k-hornz.de
Sat Jul 20 20:16:24 CEST 2002

Frank Barknecht wrote:
> smoerk hat gesagt: // smoerk wrote:
> > does pd support jack (jackit.sf.net)? IIRC there was a patch, which
> > added jack support for an older pd version.
> This patch doesn't work with pd-0.35 anymore, and I don't know of a
> newer one. 
> Regarding Jack I wonder, if it would be possible (useful?) to have
> a jack external in the vein of for example the soundfile write/read
> objects? 

i wrote a jack driver interface for pd that adheres to jack's
callback model, i.e. pd's scheduler is completely driven by
the jack processing callback. it basically works, but, as pd
e.g. reads patches from the disk inside the audio callback,
jack quite often throws pd out of its processing graph, when
pd isn't able to meet a deadline. 

in order to surpass this limitation i believe it would be
necessary to rethink/-write a substantial amount of pd,
essentially moving all non-realtime tasks (like disk access,
calls to malloc, etc.) to other threads or making them
asynchronous on one way or the other. IMO this would mean
_lots_ of work, and i'm not sure how desirable it would be

note that adding jack support with a streaming implementation
really would defy jack's most prominent feature: making
several audio application cooperate while playing in sample
sync ...



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