[PD] ekg/eeg

Andre Schmidt andre at vju.info
Sun Jul 21 20:14:51 CEST 2002


my friend has an old EKG/EEG "siemens sirecust bs11" and he said it has analog&digital outputs...
he doesn't have the manuals and i didn't find anything on the net, so we don't know the pins on the 2 sub-d connectors in the back...
so if someone knows how to test the pins and how to use them in pd, i would be very pleased on any advise...

if it has digital outputs could i just build an [sirecust bs11]sub-d to serial/paraller[pc] cable and use it direct in pd with serial/paraller port external ?

ps. does some1 know where i can buy EKG eletroden in germany ?
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